iPoker Network Poker Tournaments

iPoker is one of those well kept secrets for profitable tournament players. While it is far ‘cooler’ to talk about the Sunday Million or nightly $50k on Stars, the fact is that the guaranteed tournaments on the iPoker Network are much easier to beat – you simply won’t find worse opponents on other networks!

There is a reason for this difference, which comes from the big sports betting brands who make up this huge network. Every day new players find there way from the sports-books to the poker room, and enjoy a game. Many of these players are just in the process of learning the game – meaning that players who already have some poker strategy knowledge have a profitable edge against them.

If you want to enjoy some of the most profitable poker tournaments anywhere online – read on!

iPoker Network Poker Tournaments

This article starts with the big guarantees, then covers the smaller ‘regular schedule’, picking highlights as we go. I will then look at Satellite qualifiers and poker events – which this network are very strong on.

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iPoker Network MTTs – The Big Weekly Guarantees

While events like the $200k guaranteed Sunday Major and $40k guaranteed Saturday event have mouth-watering prize pools – these can often seem beyond the bankroll of smaller stakes players. What iPoker give you is plenty of chances to qualify in their 3-tier satellite system – in fact I would estimate that around 30% of the field each Sunday got there through qualifiers, giving plenty of recreational poker fans a shot at the big one!

Here are the 3 biggest weekly tournaments at iPoker:

Sunday $200k Guaranteed: This is the weekly showpiece and runs at 18:00 GMT+1 each week. With he prize pool regularly more than the $200,000 advertised and plenty of ways to qualify (or buy-in direct for $215) – you can be sure that some final table players will get payouts which could change their poker career!

Friday $60k Guaranteed: Friday night is when all the players who work during the week like to unwind with a poker game – making the games even softer than usual. This event is a $109 entry (with optional rebuys / 1 add-on) and starts at 20:00+1 GMT, that guarantee ensures a big field and big payouts too.

Saturday $40k Guaranteed: Another big weekend event, this time a freezeout (1 buy-in only) with 5k chips ensuring you get plenty of play for your $109 entry. As with all of the bigger buy-in tournaments, satellite qualifiers make it easy to win a seat.

iPoker Network Tournament Schedule – Regular Guarantees

While the big tournaments grab the headlines, most of us play the smaller $3 to $33 range of games. You will be pleased to know that this is where the iPoker Network and Titan Poker excel – with some of the players so bad at poker that it is actually funny!

I will not list every single game here, instead giving you a flavor of some of the key choices available.

Starting with Holdem, you will find a great mix of smaller buyin rebuy and freezeout events at both regular and turbo speeds. What I like about these events is that even the most popular stay under 1000 people, meaning you do not need to stay up until the early hours just to reach the final table.The $20+ games see fields in the lower 100′s – nicely balancing a big prize with a resonable field size. You will see a huge list of guauranteed prizes from $500 to $15k for these events – which now include the entertaining Knock Out Bounty events too.

Other games in the tournament schedule include Pot Limit Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo and Stud. While the PLO High events get a decent following, the other games have smaller fields. If you think that the players are bad in the Holdem tourneys, you should definitely check out the Omaha – so bad it is almost funny!

You can find out more on the Titan Poker website under –> Tournaments –> Schedules

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ipoker tournaments

Events And Satellite Qualifier Tournaments On The iPoker Network

Things have changed around recenly on this network, with the ‘European Championships’ taking a back-seat and the ‘iPOPS’ (iPoker Online Poker Series) coming in instead.

What I like about the iPOPS is that the main event of this week-long tournament extravaganza goes live for the final 3 tables. The destination changes round each time – the last one was in the Spanish city of Barcelona. With $500,000 guaranteed for the last event alone there are some huge payouts for the winners – and, as usual, plenty of qualifiers too.

iPoker Satellites: Satellite qualifiers are in an established 3-tier system at iPoker, with the stage 1 qualifiers giving away entry tickets to games ranging from the World Series of Poker Main Event in Las Vegas through to the smaller guarantees online. Stages 2 and 3 then allow players to get to the stage 1 games. With buy-ins for stage 3 starting at <$1 everyone gets an opportunity. Satellites are in both multi-table tournament and SNG format.

Jackpot Sit N Goes On The iPoker Network

A final mention for a special kind of tournament – jackpot sit and goes. These are 1 and 2 table games, with the special twist that winning 5 or 6 in a row (depending which level you choose) can win you a Jackpot of $50k or more. What is more, these games are exactly the ones which attract the recreational players, making them super-soft. The smallest buy-ins start at $2.40c with the biggest at $59. You can find out more on the Titan Poker website.

iPoker Tournaments – Summary / Next Steps

Wow, this article turned out longer than I expected! Hopefully my enthusiasm for the iPoker network’s tournaments showed, I would much rather make money than play with the other pros and ‘cool guys’ on Pokerstars – and if you feel the same way you should check 0ut those iPoker tournaments for yourself soon.

Remember, you can grab $20 free cash on top of your 200% deposit matched bonus with bonus code PBKLUB – check out Titan Poker for yourself now and start beating those tournaments!

ipoker tournaments

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