We Take A Closer Look At Some Of The Softest SNG Tournaments Online – At The iPoker Network

If you are looking for recreational opponents (and not based in the US!) then the iPoker Network should be on any shortlist of poker destinations. With less ‘pro grinders’ than other sites, you will find that even a little poker strategy knowledge can go a long way. This article looks at the Sit N Go tournaments available on the iPoker Network and recommends the best place to play them.

iPoker Network Jackpot Sit N Goes

iPoker are host to a set of ‘Jackpot Sit N Goes’ which pay prizes of up to $50,000 for those players who win 5 or 6 in a row (depending on the game). There are actually 4 levels of iPoker jackpot Sit N Go available:

-          Dirty Dozen Jackpot Sit N Goes – These are 12 player games starting with 2 6-max tables and a $2+40c entry fee. Win just 4 of these games in a row and you can claim a $2,000 bonus.

-          Maui Jackpot Sit N Goes – These are in standard 10 handed format and cost $5+$1 to enter. Winning 5 in a row scoops you a $15,000 jackpot!

-          Rio Jackpot Sit N Goes – Back to 6-handed for this variation which has an entry fee of $20+$3.50c, winning 6 in a row wins $25,000!

-          Fort Knox Jackpot Sit N Goes – These games have the highest entry fee at $50+$9 and are in 6-handed format. Winning just 6 in a row scoops you at least $50k (this may be higher as the Fort Knox Jackpot is progressive).

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iPoker Network 1-Table Tournaments

Apart from the famous softness of the 1-table games there are plenty of variations and buy-in levels to choose from on the iPoker Network. Games start at just 10 cents and go all the way to $500 – with the majority of action in the $3 to $30 range. Standard speed, turbo and super turbo games are available and Omaha SNGs can be found too. Double or nothing games are popular, and for those who prefer a little more play for their entry fee, double stack games can also be found.

iPoker Network  Multi-Table Sit N Go Tournaments

A smaller selection of Multi-table Sit N Goes than at some sites, though 3-table, 5-table and 10-table games can be found. The extra time waiting for these to fill up is definitely balanced by the soft fields!

iPoker Network – Satellite Sit N Go Tournaments

iPoker is famed for soft satellites, and the Sit N Goes are no exception. These are laid out in stages, with the cheapest being stage 3, feeding the stage 2 and then 1 games which either award seats in the big online tournaments or in supersatellites  for major events. For those with a bit of gamble there are even ‘every hand all in’ Sit n Go satellites running!

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