June 2013 US Poker Promotions Roundup

I just noticed that a lot of the articles recently have been for non-US poker sites… So to redress the balance this piece will focus exclusive on US friendly poker sites. With some cool new promos coming out for June, I have been through the lists and picked one which caught my eye from each of the ‘big 3’ US online poker rooms – Carbon, Lock and Bovada.

I’ll also recap the welcome bonuses for you after each round up.

#1 – Carbon Poker Step & Go

Merge Network OverviewWhile the concept of Steps SNGs is not new, Carbon, the leading site on the Merge Poker Network, have put together a refreshing angle on these games for June. What is different is that the cash is distributed in such a way as to spread it nicely among lower stakes players.

You start at Step 1 with a buy-in of just $1.10c and win ticket prizes which allow you to enter the next level up.  The highest level is Step 6, which pays $250 for first place – and here is the twist – pays all the way down to 9th place with re-entry tickets – so everyone gets something!

There are plenty of ‘try again’ (or entry to lower steps), which gives you a lot of play for your money too. In my experience this is just the kind of promotion which will attract a lot of new players, keeping the games nice and soft.

Add to this the huge 200% to $5k max welcome bonus + free downloadable poker software with on-screen display + 1 free month of poker training and you can see why this site is so massively popular among US players. Don’t forget to check out the fun ‘animated smileys’ which you can trigger from the tables too!

Use bonus code CARBONPK to claim this awesome welcome package while you check out Carbon Poker’s Step & Go for yourself!

#2 – Lock Poker

Lock have been instrumental in feeding into the UK hosted International Stadiums Poker Tour recently – though they also have some cool promos for their home-grown audience too.  The main feature in June is called ‘Battle Of The Nexus’ and is a rake-chase with a difference.

You start with $10 prizes based on points and can win incrementing cash amounts all the way to $8000 (meaning you would have accumulated $45,244 along the way).  Add to this a leaderboard and you have a promo worth getting involved in – as long as you play a lot of poker it is difficult not to benefit from this one.

Lock Poker offer a huge 200% to $4k bonus with bonus code PBKLUB. Check them out for yourself now!

#3 – Bovada Poker

Now the single biggest US friendly poker site, Bovada have 2 big things in their favor. First up they feature anonymous tables and do not let grinders get established on their site (more recreational players means a better experience for everyone (and very profitable games)). Second, their deposits and withdrawals are industry leading – allowing you to take advantage of their generous promos and bonus offers.

The promo which caught my eye in June is the Anonymous Poker Series qualifiers, which start at the end of June. This is a $6,600 trip to Asia to play in a big money tournament.  Bear in mind that Bovada are already running their $5k getaway contests and their huge $15k world series package.

It is time to find out for yourself what mad this great site the US number #1 – Check out for yourself now!

This will not be the last post this month on the US sites – so make sure you head back soon.