Lock Poker / Revolution Gaming Network Concerns

Betfair OnGame Network ReviewGoing to take the unusual step of recommending readers NOT to deposit at a site today! This is Lock Poker, on the newly formed Revolution Gaming network. The reason is what looks like some very unprofessional behavior going all the way to CEO level which came to light over the weekend.

I’m actually disappointed to be reporting this, since I had high hopes that Lock / Revolution would bring some valuable competition to the US market.

However, after seeing the arrogant attitude with which they treated one of their affiliates, hearing about the lack of responses to even simple support requests and their alledged ‘he complained so we will sting him with a chargeback’ mafia-type behavior – there is just no way I can recommend readers of any sites on my network have anything to do with Lock until these issues are resolved.

Once there is an apology from the CEO (or owners) and I hear that service levels have improved – then I will be happy to withdraw my concerns and give this site a fair review.

I will not repeat all of the scandals here… instead you can find a summary of events over at Dealer Dan’s Affiliate Bible. With the longer story in this thread at Poker Affiliate Listings.

I will update my US Friendly Poker Sites page at SNG Planet with the warning, and will also make sure that the message gets out to the public in several of the languages which I cover. If you have a blog, website (or just facebook / twitter account) and would like to help alert the poker playing public about this company, then that would be great!

Intertops No Longer Accepting New US Players

Some news from last week about a brand I was not yet covering. Intertops have been around for years and are primarily a bookmaker. They are part of the Revolution Poker Network (formerly the Cake Poker Network). This site have now decided not to take any new US players, though existing US players can still deposit, withdraw and play. At this point in time there is nothing to indicate any other sites on this new poker network are going to follow suit.

Is There Anywhere On The Revolution Network Which Is Safe To Play At?


When Lock bought the Cake Poker Network, they did not buy Cake Poker – who remain on this network as a separate entity (known as a ‘skin’). Cake Poker have a reputation for being a solid and safe site which goes back many years… you might not find anything too spectacular there, however the knowledge that your money is safe, that your withdrawals are processed reasonably quickly and that support will be there for you when you need to speak to them count for a lot these days.

Oh yeah, they are US-friendly too.

Cake’s innovative ‘gold card’ and ‘gold chip’ loyalty programs are worth checking out – and you can also claim a cool 110% (not a typo, one hundred and ten percent) up to $600 with bonus code PBKLUB. Enjoy the games at Cake Poker now!