Merge Network Compatible Poker Tools

Overview Of The Best Poker Tools Which Are Compatible With Merge Poker Network Sites

Some great news for Merge Network fans – Carbon Poker, the leading site on this US-friendly poker network – are now giving away a poker calculator. This is not just a simple tool either! Live stats display, opponent profiling and all the odds and equity calculations you could imagine… put it this way, there are equivalent tools out there being sold for around $100.

Poker Bonus Network readers can already claim an improved 150% bonus + free $11 SNG entry… now our coupon code PBKLUB gets you a powerful calculator which you can download right away – click here to check out the awesome Carbon Poker for more details!

With this new offer solving many players needs, I have changed the list of tools which you can buy… replacing calculator type software with those tools which give you a real advantage for your money in different games!

Merge Network Compatible Software Tools #1 – For Cash Game Players

Poker Edge is our recommendation for Merge Network cash game players, this tool is so powerful that many of the larger networks have actually tried to ban it! Combining many powerful features the ‘ace in the hole’ for Poker-Edge is that the data it collects is pooled between all of the users.

This instantly gives you useful stats (in on-screen display format) of literally 100,000s of opponents. It is like knowing the history and playing styles of all your opponents the moment you sit down – a potential goldmine!

Check out the Poker Edge Website for more information.

Merge Network Compatible Software Tools #2 – Sit N Go Poker Fans

Ask any long-term winner in 1-table tournaments and they will tell you that an ICM calculator is a must have poker tool. We recommend the best out there – SNG Wiz. This is used between SNG grinding sessions to check your hand histories, especially for bubble play. Not only will SNG Wiz highlight any (mathematical) errors you might have made, it gives you solutions too. You can take a 30 day trial, details on the SNG Wiz Website.

Merge Network Compatible Software Tools #3 – Tournament Players

How about a real time odds calculator and advice engine which offers you options based on the ‘M-Zone’ strategy made famous by Dan Harrington in his ‘Harrington On Holdem’ book series. This excellent tournament specialist’s tool will also track and categorize your opponents. Tournament Indicator offers a 3-day free trial via the Tournament Indicator Website – check it out now.

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Merge Network Compatible Software Tools #4 – Omaha (PLO or PLO8 Fans)

Omaha is gaining in popularity all the time, and one unique Omaha software tool will help you dominate those Merge Network tables! Omaha Indicator is at its best in those tricky spots where the pot is getting big and you have outs – but are unclear on what winning percentage you need to profitably call. This tool also monitors and categorizes opponents – works with Omaha High-Only or High-Low. Grab your 3 day trial at the Omaha Indicator website.

Merge Network Compatible Software Tools #5 – Best General Poker Calculator

Well, this section used to recommend a very powerful commercial poker calculator… now that Carbon are giving away an equally impressive product for free I have changed the recommendation here.

With US friendly games, big (and growing numbers) a free $11 SNG token + 150% match on your first deposit (max $750 with coupon code PBKLUB)… and now a completely free state-of-the-art poker calculator – what are you waiting for – Check out Carbon Poker for yourself right now!

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