Poker Software Tools Compatible With The OnGame Network

We Highlight The Best Poker Tools Compatible With OnGame Network Software

Poker Tools are no longer the ‘nice extra’ of old, with poker games getting tougher and more training and strategy advice than ever available – players need to get every help possible to profit from the tables. Choosing the (relatively speaking) soft games at OnGame is a great start – investing in your choice of the huge range of poker software tools can seriously improve your profits.

This article lists the picks of the best poker tools for fans of different poker formats on the OnGame Network. If you are not already taking full advantage of the super-soft games there then I recommend Red Kings Poker as the best place to start!

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Multi-Table Tournament Players Top OnGame Compatible Tool: Tournament Indicator

Tournament Indicator is considered a ‘best of breed’ for multi-table tournament players and will help you reach those OnGame final tables time and time again. This poker software tool combines an odds calculator, opponent monitoring, hand advice and a special algorithm based on former WSOP Champ Dan Harrington’s ‘M’ theory. What is more you can get a free trial for three days to see what it can do for you before investing more… check out the Tournament Indicator Website for more.

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Cash Game Player’s Top OnGame Compatible Tool: Poker Edge 5

There is only one word which can describe Poker Edge– Awesome! This tool combines on-screen statistics which show the ranges of hands played, aggression and willingness to get to showdown of your opponents with a huge pooled database of hand histories. Using Poker Edge has been likened to sitting with a table of strangers and immediately knowing their poker tendencies, moves and weaknesses… which is one reason some networks are trying to get this tool banned. OnGame players should check out the Poker Edge website for more information on the brand new version 5 of this cool tool.

Sit N Go Players Top OnGame Compatible Tool: Sit N Go Wiz

Sit N Go Wiz (or just ‘Wiz’ as it is known) has become a mandatory part of any serious SNG player’s toolkit. This tool is not used while you are playing, instead you save your hand histories and go through them between sessions. Wiz will highlight any errors (math errors at the Bubble especially), and give you better ranges of hands to work with next time… incrementally assisting your play. You can get a full 30 days free trial of this fantastic OnGame Compatible tool via the SNG Wiz Website.

Pot-Limit Omaha Fans Top OnGame Compatible Poker Tool: Omaha Indicator

PLO is getting more popular everywhere, and the OnGame Network is no exception. There is one tool which works great for PLO and PLO8 (Hi-Lo) that stands head and shoulders above the rest – Omaha Indicator. Perfect for those marginal spots where the pot is large enough to make unclear whether to call. You can try this great Omaha poker tool for 3 days to see how good it is for yourself via the Omaha Indicator Website.

General Poker Fans Top OnGame Compatible Poker Tool: Poker Calculator Pro

For players who can not pick just one game (like me!) we recommend the amazing Poker Calculator Pro. This is probably the most advanced poker odds calculator around and works with many different forms of poker and networks including OnGame. With razor sharp knowledge of the odds and outs you will never give away equity again! From the Pro Poker Labs team – check out Poker Calculator Pro now.

Those OnGame tables are kept soft by the large number of sports-betting brands who are part of this network. If you have not yet discovered the easy picking there for yourself then what are you waiting for? Check out the super-soft Red Kings poker for yourself now!

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You can find my detailed guide to the OnGame Poker network here.