Speed Holdem On The iPoker Network – Fast Poker Comes To Titan

Just had my first session of Speed Poker on the iPoker Network, at my favorite site Titan Poker. This is a quick ‘trip report’ (without any bad-beat stories!). I’ll also let you know how you can grab an extra $20 free cash on top of your deposit bonus to check out this new game for yourself.

First up – what is the new iPoker ‘Speed Poker’ format all about, and how does it work? Then I’ll show you what is currently available, before finishing off with a couple of notes on how this compares to the equivalent games on other networks.

What Is Titan Poker’s New Fast Poker?

What Titan and the other sites on this huge poker network are trying to do is cut out the ‘dead time’ while you wait for other players to finish their betting in a hand. This can add up over several streets of betting… and gets worse when you find yourself with slow opponents.

So, instead of sitting at a table, with the Fast Poker formats you join a pool of players. Each time you fold your hand you are instantly (well, lets say quickly!) recombined with other players in your pool into a new table and another hand starts… You do not need to wait for others to complete the hand at all.

This already speeds things up hugely. However, the ‘Speed Fold’ button means you do not even have to wait for your turn before folding and moving to a new hand… Say you see 7-2, you can speed fold and move straight away, your opponents will not know you have done this until it is your turn to act. This makes pooled games between 3 and 4 times faster than normal holdem cash games!

Here are the controls.

What Games Are Available In Titan’s New Faster Format?

This game is still in ‘Beta’ mode at the moment, and only has 4 pools to choose from – all in No-Limit Holdem format. These are:

2c / 5c Blinds ($1 to $5 buy-in) NL Holdem 6-max
5c / 10c Blinds ($2 to $10 buy-in) NL Holdem 6-max
10c / 20c Blinds ($4 to $20 buy-in) NL Holdem 6-max
5c / 10c Blinds ($2 to $10 buy-in) Pot-Limit Holdem 6-max

Lets wait and see what other limits and games get added in the coming weeks.

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How Does This Compare To Zoom Poker?

Alright, time for a couple of gripes… just small ones, and hopefully things which will get cleared up pretty quickly!

First up, there is a ‘fold / muck’ option when a hand completes. Now, say you raise and everyone folds… well, they have already gone to a new hand – so you would be showing to nobody. There is no current option for watching the end of a hand, which is a shame. This show / muck is a joke to be honest… do the developers actually play poker, haha?

You can only join each pool once at Titan, compared to 4 times at Pokerstars. This is great for recreational players, who will have proportionally fewer ‘grinders’ to compete with. The games are noticeably looser than the ‘regular infested’ Zoom tables – hopefully this will last.

The ‘Speed Fold’ button moves as the action gets to you! This is a small pain, though a pain none the less. You end up clicking air as the button moves right when the action gets to you and the betting bar appears…

All in all I am impressed with this new game, just wanted to be clear to Poker Bonus Network readers that there are a couple of issues which will need to be resolved before this is as slick a product as Zoom (or before that Rush).

When Games Are New, The Profits Are Bigger!

Anyone who has been following my sites for any time will know the message by now ‘go to the new games, make bigger profits’. It takes a while for the software tools and small stakes pro grinders to find their footing in new games, giving you a few weeks to make a big profit from the largely recreational tables.

Of course, if you get there first you can become the niche expert too – making money off of everyone who joins later!

Claim That Extra $20 Free!

You can claim an extra $20 on top of your usual 200% matched welcome bonus at Titan Poker with bonus code PBKLUB (min deposit $30 for the extra, which I will ensure reaches your player account within 48 hours of deposit). Titan are the biggest site on the super-soft iPoker Network, you will enjoy easy cash games + tournaments and generous promos – as well as the cool new Speed Holdem games – check out Titan Poker for yourself now!

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