Speed Holdem Strategy eBook

Something different today, I wrote a strategy eBook last week… covering the Speed Poker on the iPoker Network (sorry, there is not yet any US friendly equivalent). After sending this to the readers of my main site SNG Planet, I was not sure what to do with it next…

Well, this post is the answer… I’m going to give it away here at The Poker Bonus Network

This is a great bankroll building game, especially over the next few months, when the games are new and so ‘soft’ compared with those at other sites.

Some of you will already know my (kind of extensive) work via my $16 Per Hour SNG Blueprint’ course (which is also free). The value I add is to explain the strategy adjustments for different games in a straight-forward and down to earth way… no jargon, no hype… just the key things to consider and how to approach getting the most profit.

The Speed Holdem Cash Cow!

I know, daft title, great book though – here is what you will find inside:

-    An overview of pooled (speed) poker games, how they work and exactly what you will find on the iPoker Network.
-    An explanation of the key factors which influence your strategy… In other words: What are the other players doing that you can profit from?
-    How to adjust your own game to take full advantage!
-    Your secret weapon (this is a good one, it is so powerful as nobody will realize you are using it!).
-    Summary / Next Steps and special $20 extra cash offer.

Pretty damn solid for a give-away.

Here is the sign-up – there is a verification step (I have had problems in the past, and so insist on this). You can unsubscribe at any time, though you will find I am very conservative with sending stuff out – and will only do this when I can add real value with new information, strategy guides or exclusive offers.

 Speed Holdem Cash Cow! Easy Profits On The iPoker Network!

GL at the tables – oh and for the latest news on the iPoker split check out my detailed article over at SNG Planet!

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