Where Can I Play Private Online Poker Games in 2013?

Playing online poker games privately with the friends of your choice can be done at several sites in 2013. These can be either cash games or tournaments (including Sit N Goes) and are normally handled by setting up a game with a password and simply distributing this to those you would like to play with. You can choose the blind levels (for cash) or buy-in amounts and also the type of game(s) to play. There are 2 cool global sites and one catering to US players too… Continue reading

Best Poker Network For Micro-Stakes Cash Games

One big change in the world of poker that really sticks out for me is the amount of multi-tabling going on at the micro-stakes at some poker sites. I am talking about the 1c / 2c blind tables or maybe 2c / 4c here – who would have imagined 4 or 5 years ago that there would be people playing 10 to 12 of these games at once and taking the games very seriously too!

Sure, there is nothing wrong with learning the ropes and building a bankroll this way. I also happily accept that in a lower GDP country the amounts involved may feel a little higher than they do for an Englishman – however lets get real for a moment here, those stakes are supposed to be where we can mess around, learn the games and have a little fun! Continue reading