Which Poker Networks Have Rush Poker? (Updated!)

Another update, as we can now add ‘Strobe Poker‘ on the OnGame Network to the list of fast-fold games.  This is now in Beta-mode at the moment, and as I always remind you… when the games are new the casual players try them out, so the big profits are available right now over at the cool Red Kings Poker.

With Pokerstars recently introducing ‘Zoom Poker’, the iPoker Network hosting the ultra-profitable ‘Speed Holdem’, ‘Fast Poker’ being imminent on the brand new ‘Relax Fast Poker Network’, the cool mobile app of Terminal Poker and of course not forgetting Full Tilt with the original game ‘Rush Poker’…. Well, with so many to choose from I thought it was about time to run down the different options which are available in 2013.

Fast Poker Games – How Do They Work?

For readers who are new to these games, here is a quick description. These are all ‘pooled’ player games. Instead of being focused on a single table, there are groups of players at different buy-ins. When you complete a poker hand (either by folding or in a showdown situation) then you are automatically combined with more players from your pool to start the next one.

What makes these games so popular is the ability to instantly fold. This has different names in the various games, but is essentially the ability to fold before the action gets to you. Instead of waiting for the other players to act you can get rid of junk straight away. This means you get to play up to 4 times as many hands each hour… these games are pretty damn fast!

So, here is a rundown of who has these games and details of each where available:

Networks With Fast Poker Games #1 –

The giant stand-alone site is has the most players in pooled games by a long way. This is called Zoom Poker and is currently available in both Holdem and PLO format. Blinds start at just 1c / 2c with $2.50c / $5 being the current upper limit. There is a tab in the Zoom Poker lobby marked ‘other’ which contains a 5-card draw game… You can expect huge pools of players in the Pokerstars Zoom games – with the smaller to mid buy-in NL Holdem games often at 1000+.

Positives for me include the big choice, fantastic smooth software and the ability to multi-table (you can join each pool up to 4 times, and a maximum of 8 tables at once – if your brain and fingers can keep up).

Negatives here are the relatively larger numbers of ‘small stakes grinders’ who multi-table – these are often winning players who make the games tougher (relatively speaking) than the equivalents on other networks.

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Networks With Fast Poker Games #2 – Titan Poker’s ‘Speed Holdem’

iPoker are a network of poker sites which include some of the biggest sports betting brands, who pool together their players to offer a bigger choice of poker games. Their tables are famous for being soft compared to other networks, and the ‘Speed Holdem’ fast poker game is no exception!

At the moment only No-Limit Holdem runs, and pools are in 6-max format with blinds between 2c / 5c and 50c / $1. With a steady stream of players coming through from the sports-betting brands – you will find opponents with a general lack of poker strategy knowledge… making these games very profitable.

On the minus side, you can short-stack these games with a 20 big blind minimum buy-in. This may seem like a minor gripe, however there is a danger that the tables get over-run with short-stackers, taking away much of the post-flop play where good players have a real edge. At the moment this does not look like a big problem, and when you see how bad the average player is in these games you will wonder why you did not play them sooner!

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 Poker Networks With Fast Poker Games #3 – Party Poker

Party have now entered the fray with their own fast game – called ‘Fast-Forward Poker’. This is in Beta at the time of writing and available only in 6-max (with one heads-up pool) and at the lower end of the buy-ins.

Party are still the best known poker brand among non-players, and so attract a large percentage of first-timers… of course keeping their games easy to beat. I think that the new game will be a big hit on this site, especially when you consider the large number of players on their site who will be checking out the games.

Positives after a quick test-run include easy profits and a smooth running game with all the key options on screen. Negatives include the bet sizing slider, which is a little tricky to get right – unless you like to raise either 2x or 4x that is!

Overall this is a great candidate, and if you are reading this in the summer / early autumn (fall) of 2012 you can hit the tables when they are new (and so at their most profitable!). Claim your 100% welcome bonus with bonus code PBKLUB while you check out the fast-forward games at Party Poker for yourself!

OK – those are the current ‘big 3′, below I will cover the rest… remember to bookmark this post – since the number is sure to grow!

Networks With Rush Type Poker Games #4 – Terminal Poker

Terminal Poker were the only pooled game for a while… and are still the only site to offer this via mobile apps (both Android and iPhone). The software is great – really different from most of the poker sites online. PLO and NLHE is available, though only at the lower limits. It is a shame that there are not more players at Terminal Poker – their product is very good and bonuses very generous. This is the only site currently offering tournaments in pooled format. You will find plenty of freerolls and a generous 200% welcome bonus. Use Terminal Poker bonus code SNGPLANET when you check them out for yourself.

Networks With Rush Type Poker Games #5 – Full Tilt

The original pooled player poker game is apparently back and is as popular as ever.  The best thing about Full Tilt’s Rush Poker for me is that this is available in Tournament format as well as cash games. This is a perfect game for online poker tournaments. One caveat is that the micro games are not available in Omaha format.

Networks With Rush Type Poker Games #6 – The Relax Fast Poker Network

Something new, so new in fact that I am only writing about an announcement. The ‘Relax Network’ will offer a game called ‘Fast Poker’ (original huh?). Initially this will be for players on Unibet and Bettson and iGame sites… though I am sure there will be a long list of others ready to join once the initial game proves to be a success. Not much I can say until I have played it… so will defer this to a future PBN post.

Networks With Fast Poker Games – Conclusion / Next Steps

I’m giong to change my top pick since the original version of this article was published. While I originally chose Zoom Poker, this has become infested with small-stakes ‘pro grinders’, making the games far less profitable than those on other sites.

You can still beat these ‘grinders’, what I am saying is why fight them when there are such easy pickings elsewhere? iPoker is where sports-betting fans play poker, often before they accumulate specific poker strategy knowledge… All you need to do is compare the games at Titan Poker and Stars side-by side and the choice will be a ‘no-brainer’ – Titan is a so much softer!

You can claim an extra $20 cash at Titan with bonus code PBKLUB (on top of your 200% welcome bonus, I will ensure that this is paid directly to your player account within 48 hours for all first time deposits of $30+). Click here now to check out the super-soft Speed Holdem at Titan Poker for yourself!!

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